Latest news: Newsletter December 2014: Way++ update

GPS++ places you on the map.
It follows you and leads you.
GPS++ is your compass.

Way++ is the next generation of ++ navigation apps and is based on the principles of GPS++ and Marine++. With a intuitive user interface and with a transparent ‘plugin system’, making it possible to put websites with geographical information on the map. allows an unlimited set of geographical data to be imported and shared with others and strongly supports user participation: You are invited to define it, to be part of it, to support it, to use it, to have fun with it.

GPS++ tracks outdoor activities and navigates from point to point. GPS++ is for everybody who likes to be off the road and wants to be on track in one app where everything comes together: maps in the colors you like, your contacts, geocaches, cycle nodes, walking tracks, ski slopes or routes. If you have a file with geocoded data, you can download it in GPS++! The Way++ Library is a growing library of geographical data and you can influence how this library will grow.

Marine++ tracks sailing trips and navigates from buoy to buoy. Marine++ is a navigation app where everything comes together: maps in the colors you like, Buoys, Ships, Weather Forecasts Northwest Europe, Tide predictions, Depths, Completed Tracks or Routes. If you have a file with buoys or other nautical data, you can download it in Marine++!

GPS++, Marine++ and Way++ support the Plastic Soup Foundation. For every Pack or Credit you buy, GPS++ makes a contribution to the Plastic Soup Foundation!

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