Latest news: Tour++ in the store

GPS++ places you in your environment.
It follows you and leads you.
GPS++ is your compass.

GPS++ tracks outdoor activities and navigates from point to point and is a free app with additional ‘Packs’ (In-App-Purchases). GPS++ is for everybody who likes to be off the road and wants to be on track in one app where everything comes together: maps in the colors you like, your contacts, geocaches, cycle nodes, walking tracks, ski slopes, buoys or routes. If you have a file with geocoded data, you can download it in GPS++! The GPS++ Library is a growing library of geographical data and you can influence how this library will grow.

The Free app places you in your environment. The Tracking Pack follows you and the Navigation Pack leads you. This is the core of GPS++. Additional Packs are the Marine Pack or AIS Pack. Combination packs combine individual packs in one discounted purchase.

GPS++ does not require registration and does not use, share or save contact data outside the app. To experience the power of GPS++ immediately, it is recommended to grant access to contacts.

GPS++ supports the Plastic Soup Foundation. For every Pack you buy, GPS++ makes a contribution to the Plastic Soup Foundation!

Graphical overview of functionality per pack. (Move over the icons for a short description):

Pack 1 2 3
Free app
Tracking Pack
Navigation Pack
Marine Pack
AIS Pack